Gershon Dublon

Gershon is an artist, electrical engineer and recent Ph.D. graduate from the MIT Media Lab Responsive Environments group. His background in sensor technologies and human-computer interaction led to his dissertation work, called Sensor(y) Landscapes, in which he introduces attention- and context-aware devices and environments that make networks of distributed sensors feel like prosthetic extensions of perception. Gershon’s art practice explores similar themes of transduction, perception, and attention, blurring digital and physical worlds to create moments of intimate connection between participants and their im/mediate surroundings. A strong focus on natural environments and the ephemerality of perceptual presence runs through all his work.

Gershon’s writings, performances, talks, and projects have appeared at academic conferences including IEEE Sensors, NIME, PSi, and CHI, have been covered by the NYT, Wired, BBC, and NHK, have been seen on numerous stages including TEDx and WE Summit, and have been exhibited internationally in museums and festivals including the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), Ars Electronica (Linz) and RIDM (Montreal). Before receiving his doctoral degree, Gershon obtained a master's in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT and a B.S.E.E. from Yale, where he contributed to research in sensor fusion.